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Industry Perspectives: increasing collaboration across health care

The health care industry continues to combat rising affordability concerns and disconnects between quality performance and costs. With initiatives aligned around a shift to value-based care, one of the most important elements of success during this transition period will be expanding collaboration between all health care industry stakeholders.

The industry perspective track is designed to facilitate just that.



Industry Perspectives track sessions

These sessions will explore real-world, collaborative examples of value being created to address these industry forces. Sessions will include a mixture of case studies, data insights and cross-industry panels.

  • Industry Perspective: Health Care State of the Union: Hear a research and data-driven overview of top industry dynamics from Bradford Coles of Advisory Board Research. Learn how disruption, competition and cost pressures are impacting organizations both in the immediate-term and over the next 5–10 years.
  • Value Creation: Using Data and Analytics to Drive High-Value Care: Learn from your peers who have pushed past uncertainty using data and analytics to take control of their future. Hear how their actions are positively impacting cost, quality and revenue.
  • Transforming the Health Care Experience from the Inside Out: Join The Experience Lab for an exciting exploration of Experience Design principles. This immersive Experience Salon is designed to shift perspectives, provoke new thinking, and share insights and actions for transforming the health care experience from the inside out.
  • Drug Price Control: Industry Roundtable: The rising cost of prescription drugs ranks near the top of client and consumer concerns. Hear from industry experts about the latest drug pricing trends, inflation, coupons, rebates, supply chain economics and more while gaining insights on how to better manage spend.
  • Must-Know Emerging Technologies (and What to Do About Them):Weave through the buzz around IoT, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and Blockchain. Learn how five real-world innovations are being applied to health care challenges to drive enhanced results.
  • Ending the Epidemic: Collaborating to Address the Opioid Epidemic in America: Every 13 minutes someone dies of an opioid overdose, it doesn’t have to be that way. Hear how the industry is collaborating to address the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history.
  • The Next Evolution in Health Care–How New Alliances and Risk Models are Transforming Health Care: Many payers and providers are realizing to achieve cultural and financial success under new risk-bearing models new partnerships are required. Hear from leaders on how their organizations are transforming health care to cut through road blocks and drive success. 
  • Taking Administrative Cost Out of the Health Care System: Hear how payer and provider organizations are working independently as well as together to reduce cost and simplify processes in clinical operations, supply chain management, administrative operations and claims to identify new opportunities for your organization.
  • Wellness in the Workplace: How America’s Workplaces are Building Cultures of Health: The "9th Annual Wellness in the Workplace Study" results are in. Learn how employer health and well-being strategies are adapting to trends like consumerism, behavioral health, women's health, technology and more.

Join more than 1,600 professionals from across the health care industry to collaborate, share, learn and be inspired on these top opportunities and challenges for moving health care forward together.